Animated Videos

We strive to follow a series of steps so as to create the best video possible for our existing as well as potential clients. We understand how a well created animated video can work as a great marketing tool for a business.This series of steps include:

  • Asking Questions: We believe in asking questions till the time we are sure of what the client expects. In the process, we try to gather comprehensive information regarding the essential qualities of the product, along with the client’s expectations.
  • Develop a Concept: Once we have all the relevant information, it is then time to develop a concept for the animated video. The concept may be a theme, character, or likewise.
  • Devising Script: After conceptualization, creating engaging script is what we follow. It may include action and scene descriptions.
  • Mapping Scenes: We prepare rough sketches and understand a flow of action. It is like a general look of the video.
  • Animation: We create the sounds, look, and direction of the video; In fact, we integrate these separate elements and create a final animation with appropriate sound and music effects.
  • Upload the video: Upload the video on a pre-determined platform and see effect on conversion rates.