Business Listing and Citations

Citations are vital to the success of a business online. At Webincline, we are completely aware of everything that we need to know about claiming our clients’ businesses search. A citation is any reference to a company online, and it is this reference that should display the business name, address, phone number (known as NAP). Citations can be structured as well as unstructured.

The series of steps we follow to begin a citation audit:

  • Record all current and previous NAP information. Any name variations, old addresses and phone numbers can be used to find outdated directory listings that need updating.
  • Compile a list of 50 or more structured citations to review, along with searching for the business name or primary keywords, and make note of the directories that rank well.
  • Create, or locate and claim existing listings for client’s business. Some directories may require verification by phone or postcard to prove ownership of the business before claiming the listing.
  • Update outdated information and remove any duplicate listings. We recommend updating in batches, instead of all at once.

For our clients, we ensure to review citations every 2-3 months so as to ensure that information remains updated.