Content Marketing

Over the past few years, there has been quite a buzz about content marketing. There may be myriad ways of deploying content that works; our dedicated team of content writers and content strategists simply excel in their job. Primarily, we follow a 5-step content marketing process:

  • Defining the role of content marketing as well as business goals so as to create content that can actually make all the difference in gaining quality traffic to an online business.
  • Once the aim of the content marketing has been defined, then it is followed by content execution. Also, we identify the audience for which content needs to be created; the stage of the purchase funnel; etc.
  • Based on client’s audience and their information consumption preferences, we create content that works the best.
  • Once content has been created, we then work on marketing the content marketing in order to generate sufficient awareness.
  • The next step is baking the trackability into the content wherever possible so that the effectiveness of content can be measured (at least to a certain extent).