How Facebook Advertising can be Simply Brilliant

admin July 2, 2019 0 Comments

Today, Facebook has an incredible reach. Across the globe there are more than 1 billion active users and a majority of these people log in several times per day and spend a lot of time on the network. For someone planning to advertise on Facebook the situation couldn’t be better. Everyone is there! Surveys revealed that Facebook is the 2nd most visited website on the internet with approximately 1.28 billion monthly users.


  • A Facebook fan page allows a business to interact directly with the customers and enhance brand image.
  • Since Facebook offers additional character length for ad descriptions, therefore Facebook ads are more flexible than Google Adwords.
  • Facebook allows advertisers to target a specific audience (based on age, income, personal interests, etc) whereas no other social media channel allows it.
  • Another important feature that Facebook offers is multiple ad views; it is this feature when facilitated that allows an ad to have a better chance of getting noticed as it would be seen multiple times.
  • Facebook is a platform that is accessed by millions of smartphone users every single day; this means advertisers are able to reach a much wider audience, worldwide, via the smartphones itself.

In precise words, Facebook advertising can be the best means for a business to interact with its customers. Also, Faceboook allows advertisers to make use of eye-catching images that can very well communicate with the target market.
However, if businesses wish to go in for Facebook advertising, then consulting a professional digital marketer has to be the best option. It is only an expert social media marketer who can go through the process of Facebook advertising, including Segmentation, Ad optimization, Campaign scheduling, Managing budgets and Tracking results.
An effective Facebook marketing strategy devised by an experienced digital marketer can create ads that are not only concise, but also memorable and encourage people to hit ‘Like’.