Online Reputation Management

Protecting the reputation of our client’s business is our primary concern. Online reputation management is what we excel in. Following are the steps that we follow while protecting a brand, a person or an organization from reputation damage:

      • We ensure to be fully prepared for any possible reputation crisis; our dedicated team efficiently manages the online buzz.
      • Creating a list of all the possible risks depending on the industry.
      • Brand monitoring is the next step that we follow. We ensure a daily monitoring that will identify crisis right from its start.
      • Allocate a budget for reputation crisis. They can be used for various services, including renting meeting rooms or using press release distribution services or placing ads on news portals.
      • Reputation management by pushing the negative content for the client’s brand down on Google indexing; We upload the positive content proactively.
      • Setting up blogger relations is what our team does next. They build long term blogger relations and send exclusive information about the client’s brand.